Connect with us electronically and securely

We are very excited to be using a Patient Portal to allow patients and doctors to electronically communicate easily and securely while sharing confidential information. We began using the portal on October 1, 2014. Only patients who have visited us since that date and who provided an email address will have a username and password at this time. After your visit, you will receive an email with your modifiable username and password.

The portal can be used to view a Continuity of Care Document after each visit. This is a summary of your pertinent health information, diagnoses, and treatment plan. This is not to be confused with an actual copy of your records. You can request a copy of your records electronically via the portal or in a hard copy version if needed.

The portal can also be used to communicate with the office staff and your doctor via secure messaging. It should not be used in emergency situations.

You can can use this link to reach our log in page.